Orchid Compost (10 Litre)

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Product description

Miracle-Gro© Peat Free Premium Orchid Compost caters the special needs of orchids. Its unique formulation contains all the necessary nutrients and large pieces of high quality pine bark to provide the perfect environment for your orchids to thrive.

For re-potting: Remove the plant from its existing pot. Divide the plant if appropriate. Remove any dead roots. Select a new pot that is one size larger (or smaller for each division). Cover the base of the pot with broken crocks or gravel. Add a layer of Miracle-Gro© Premium Orchid Compost. Place the Orchid in the pot so the crown is just below the rim. Place more compost between and around the roots, tapping the pot to settle the compost. Water thoroughly with clean, tepid rainwater. Support with a cane if necessary.

After re-potting, place the Orchid in a shaded spot that is constantly humid. Most Orchids appreciate natural light, but not direct sunlight.

Watering: Keep the compost moist, but not too wet using clean, tepid rainwater.

Feeding: Start feeding after 4 weeks using Miracle-Gro Pump & Feed Orchid Plant Food and feed regularly during the growing season. Stop feeding completely during the winter.

Perfect for use in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

Coverage Fills 6 small pots 12cm (5"). Fills 1 medium pot 22cm (9"). Fills 1 hanging baskets 30cm (12").

Always read the label and product information before use.