Covid-19 Notice: Read our notice here

COVID-19 Update

Update 17/07/2020

The government has announced that wearing a face mask in shops and supermarkets will be mandatory in England from 24th July 2020.

From 24th July customers will be refused entry to the shop if not covering their mouth and nose with a face mask or other covering meeting the governments requirements. We will be happy to serve those not wishing to wear a mask at the front desk (outside the shop).

Thank you for your support.


Update 22/06/2020

The opening hours are now as pre-Covid-19.

Monday to Saturday 9AM to 5:30PM. Sunday 9:30AM to 1:30PM.


Update 17/06/2020

As from 17th June 2020 the counter service will be stopped and the shop will be re-opened to the public. 

Due to the continuing Covid-19 concerns certain procedures and restriction in line with Government instructions will be in place to both protect our employees and our customers.

The opening hours will be Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, Saturday 9am to 5:30 pm and Sunday 9:30 am to 1:30pm.  We hope to extend these hours in the future.
Only a limited number of customers will be allowed into the shop at any one time.  This will be overseen by a member of our staff at the front to the shop and will essentially operate on a one out one in basis.

If you would rather not enter the shop please tell the member of staff at the front of the shop and we assist you.

Customers are requested to sanitise their hands before entering the shop. Hand sanitiser will be supplied.
A one way system will be in operation in the shop entering from the rear entrance and exiting from the front.  Customers are requested to follow the floor markings where visible. 
Customers are asked not to touch goods where possible unless they wish to purchase the items.
Customers are asked to keep a 2m distance between themselves and other customers or staff members.
Only one till point will be open in the shop, this is located at the exit to the shop.  Where possible please pay by contactless payment.
Hand sanitiser will be available at the exit to the shop.

Thank you for your continued support.


Update 30/05/2020

The shop will now be open on Sundays between 09:30am and 1:30pm.  For the foreseeable future the counter service will continue to operate. 

We would like to thank all our customers for their patience and support during this period of uncertainty.



Further to our posts on Facebook and Twitter.  The Government has made it clear that we can remain open for essential goods. We don’t however feel that we can maintain safe distances at all times with the shop layout we have, so we are going to operate a counter service at the shop entrance until advised otherwise.  Please pay by contactless payments where possible.

The Website has been modified so that it will accept Click & Collect and orders for the SO45 area.  We are unable to guarantee delivery time scales but will deliver as soon as possible.  Normally within 3 to 4 days.

For customers without access to the internet we will man the telephone with the credit card machine from 9am until 3pm.

There will be no delivery charge for orders under £20 until further notice.

Please respect our staff and other customers and maintain a 2 metre gap.  


We will begin this service on Tuesday 24th March.