Smoke and CO2 Alarms

Smoke Alarm Battery Powered

Photoelectric smoke alarm with power indicator LED and loud 85 decibel alarm to alert you of dang

£8.99 inc VAT

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Rm218 Smoke Alarm 10Yr Battery Life

Loud alarm (85 dB) with 24 hour protection Low battery indication of acoustic signal

£21.99 inc VAT

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Smoke Alarm 1Yr Battery Life

Early warning on risks by fire smoke Alarm mute function Incl. 1 year battery

£9.99 inc VAT

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Carbon Mon Alarm 5 Year Battery Life

Easy to reach the test button for function test on the front/alarm sound approx. 85 dB

£24.99 inc VAT

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7Yr Carbon Monoxide Alarm Fire Angel Co-9X

Provides early warning of CO through an Alarm and LED Display.

£29.99 inc VAT

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