Einhell Expert Plus Battery Lawn Mower

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Product description

The GE-CM 43 Li M cordless lawn mower is a high-quality, reliable and extremely powerful tool which cares for larger lawns without being connected to a socket. With the new Power X-Change battery system from Einhell the lawn mower has two powerful 18 V battery packs with 4.0 Ah for long work sessions without any bothersome power cables. For simple, individual adjustment of the cutting height there is a central 6-level cutting height adjustment facility. In addition the cuttings can be finely shredded by a mulching kit before they are evenly distributed over the lawn.

  • Twin-Pack Technology: 2x18V Power X-Change batteries - more power
  • Brushless motor - more power and prolonged operatio
  • Central cutting height adjustment 6 levels (25-75mm)
  • Height-adjustable long handle with 3 settings
  • Space saving storage thanks to foldable long handle
  • Integrated carry-handle for easy transport
  • Highwheeler - grass protecting large wheels
  • Filling level indication from the grass collection box
  • High quality blow tough plastic housing
  • Including mulching plug