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Blog » How to make a perfect BBQ

POSTED 05 August 2015 BY Admin


Lighting up the barbecue

Light your BBQ early in advance as it takes a while before it’s ready to cook meat (allow at least 30minutes).

Make sure your barbecue is flat even level. Don’t hesitate to put a good layer of charcoal into the barbecue. Build a pyramid with charcoal, and place charcoal firelighters to help it burn more easily. Leave it to burn for around 20minutes, then spread out the charcoal with a barbecue tool. Once the flames have died and the coal is white, your barbecue is ready.

Cooking tips

Allow your meat to come up to room temperature before cooking. Indeed, cooking cold meat will burn the outside but the heat will probably not reach the middle.

If you like your meat medium to well done, prefer thinner meat as the heat will have less to travel. So your meat is well cooked inside without being burnt on the outside!

For meats that can easily fall apart like fish, or ingredients that take a while to cook such as sweetcorn, wrap them in foil and place them on the grill.

Avoid squashing, piercing and continually flipping. Squashing and piercing (notably for sausages) will make the juices to run out, leaving you with dry meat. Flipping once or twice is enough. Leave your meat cooking so the BBQ caramelised crust can develop itself.

Make sure you marinate your meat the day before rather than spreading the marinade over the meat when it’s on the grill. First, your meat will get more of the marinade flavour. Second, it will avoid your barbecue to burst into flames with the fat/oil falling on the coal and carbonise your meat.

Don’t forget to clean your BBQ after use or your grill bars might rust out after a few barbecues.