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Blog » 10 things to do in your garden in August

POSTED 05 August 2015 BY Admin


  1. Most of your vegetables must be ready for harvesting! Keep an eye on your plants.
  2. Your lavender will probably finish flowering very soon now; do not forget to cut it back.
  3. Deadhead flowering plants regularly.
  4. Collect seeds from you favourite flowers and vegetables
  5. Do not forget to keep watering your plants, especially containers and new plants. Ideally, collect rainwater to use for watering plants.
  6. Early September is an ideal month for sowing, so prepare your garden for new lawns. Make sure to free the area from weeds and stones.
  7. Make sure you get rid of perennial weeds, as they tend to be difficult to control until your lawn is established. Use a weedkiller containing glyphosate for a quick and effective solution.
  8. Prune your climbing and rambling roses once they have stopped flowering.
  9. Cut back your herbs to encourage new growth of flavoured leaves that should ready for harvest before the frost.
  10. It's time to prune your Wisterias.